B2B Meetings

Brokerage event

The Enterprise Europe Network Center and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Krakow cordially invite manufacturers, distributors and specialists in the fasteners and joining technology sector to participate in the Brokerage Event

B2B Meetings.

On-site meetings:

Session 1: 19 October 2022 | 10:00-12:30

Session 2: 19 October 2022 | 12:30-15:00

Session 3: 20 October 2022 | 10:00-12:30

Session 4: 20 October 2022 | 12:30-15:00

Online meetings:

21-28 October 2022 I 08:00-20:00

Basic rules of the INNOFORM®2022 Brokerage Event:

Ø  Participants register on the FASTENER POLAND® 2022 B2B Registration Platform and specify the profile of their activity and the type of cooperation they are looking for;

Ø  The profiles of cooperation are available on the Registration Platform, which makes it easier to review the needs of registered participants;

Ø  Participants select partners for B2B meetings from the catalogue of registered companies, they would like to meet during the Brokerage Event;

Ø  A day before the Brokerage Event, participants receive by email an individual B2B meeting schedule with information about the B2B partner, the timeslot and the table number;

Ø  On 19th and 20th October 2022 a series of previously arranged 25-minute meetings will take place at the numbered tables. The sound of gong will announce that the timeslot has just finished. In such a case, the participants should replace their seats according the meeting schedule;


Participation in the B2B Brokerage Event is free of charge. The number of places is limited. In order to take part in the Brokerage Event, you need to register on the Brokerage Event Registration Platform till 28th October 2022

If you have questions about the FASTENER POLAND®2022 B2B Meetings, please contact the: Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

phone: +48 12 428 92 50