Virtual B2B meetings from 5 to 18 October. The event is for manufacturers, distributors, technology and raw material suppliers, and purchasing / sales specialists in industries that use fasteners.

Participation is free after registration until October 18.

There are presentations of fastener manufacturers from around the world, including, in addition to the description of companies' offers, also video materials, photos and product catalogs.


Exhibitors Review



We are exhibiting for the third time at FASTENER POLAND®. Our stand attracted interest, thanks to which we gained a lot of new contacts, which will probably translate into sales in our company. We are pleased that such specialized fairs have appeared in Poland.


Grzegorz Kot,

Magni Europe GmbH & Co. KG

For many years we have been looking for

a place where we could exhibit with fastening systems. FASTENER POLAND® is specialized in the fastener industry. We are pleased that we have them in Poland the more that they are getting more and more interest from year to year. Customers come not only from Poland, but also from neighboring countries and other continents. I think that this is a very important forecast for Poland and Polish producers.


Tomasz Karwowski,

Dyrektor Handlowy, Dromet 

We met many of our current customers, which makes us very happy. We have conducted numerous interesting conversations, which is why we hope that we will also acquire new contractors. FASTENER POLAND® is

a wonderful place to meet and exchange opinions on the development of the industry. Direct conversations are certainly more fruitful and also very interesting.


Anastazja Janus,

Marcopol Sp. z o.o. Producent Śrub





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